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Creating a Culture of Excellence at Hempstead ISD

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School Calendar Revised to Accommodate Days Taken for Bad Weather

On Monday, March 17th, the Hempstead ISD Board of Trustees voted to revise the 2013-2014 school calendar to reflect the two ice days taken in January and change the days that will be used as “make-up” days. The calendar amendment will accommodate the bad weather days taken while keeping Good Friday as a holiday for all students and staff...read more

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A Letter for Parents

February 19, 2014

Dear Parents,

  On Tuesday February18th, we discovered three buses had been severely vandalized placing our students in possible danger. Brake system lines and engine hoses were cut on the buses making it dangerous when transporting students. Surveillance video shows two perpetrators climbing over the fence and tampering with buses 5, 9 &10.  We believe this to be an intentional act which makes this a very serious incident.  A dead cat was also believed to be brought on the scene by the vandals and used in the crime.  Our district mechanics worked diligently to get the buses back in operation.

  Our main concern is making sure this type of attack does not reoccur and keeping our students – Our number one customer, safe and free from danger. We are taking measures to add additional cameras, additional security lighting on the bus lot and modify the fencing to deter future break- ins. Each bus goes through a checklist before leaving the bus yard by the mechanic and again by the driver. It was during this check Tuesday morning that revealed the damage to the brake systems.

  The Hempstead City police as well as the Sheriff’s department will be patrolling the area during the late night and early morning hours.  If you have any information that may help in this investigation, please call Hempstead ISD Chief of Police Gerald Robinson who is leading the investigation at 979-221-7743. All tips will remain anonymous.   

  As superintendent of schools my number one priority is to keep the children of Hempstead ISD safe. This incident cannot and will not be taken lightly when our children’s lives are at stake. This is an opportune time when our community can come together in catching these criminals that have intentionally placed our students in danger and come together as a community to keep our children safe.

I thank you for your support,

Delma Flores-Smith
Hempstead ISD Superintendent

Superintendent's Review
Hempstead ISD ~ Six Month Review

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