Hempstead Early College High School

HHS students

Hempstead ISD is excited to launch the Early College High School program for incoming freshmen starting in August 2024.

The Early College High School model is a blend of high school and college coursework that gives students the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours, or two years, of tuition-free college credit while earning a high school diploma. This model increases college readiness, remove financial barriers, provides rigorous instruction and coursework as well as academic and social support.

Interested students should possess a high level of commitment, academic tenacity and show the potential to do college-level work while in high school. The ECHS program provides supportive measures throughout the program to encourage young learners who have the potential to do advanced academic work. 

Hempstead ISD will continue their partnership with Blinn College for college credit, which is transferrable to any Texas public college or university. Hempstead ISD students will benefit from this program at no cost. By providing high school students the option to earn an associate degree, or up to 60 hours of college credit from the Hempstead Early College, families have an opportunity to decrease the burden of college debt and be a step ahead for their future.

Early College High School is open to all incoming 9th graders, and is designed to support students who:

  • might be at risk of dropping out of high school

  • might be the first in their family to attend college

  • want to attend college but need a no-cost solution

  • are motivated to challenge themselves with in-depth college-level coursework

  • are open to accepting academic guidance from dedicated, collegiate teachers and professors

  • are interested in earning dual credit while participating in student clubs and other activities

  • live in the Hempstead Independent School District

Upcoming Events

Hempstead ISD is taking applications for Hempstead Early College High School. The application for the 2024-2025 school year will open on January 30 and close on February 13, 2024. Thanks to a partnership with Blinn College, Hempstead Early College High School students can earn a high school diploma and an associate degree or up to 60 college credit hours at no cost. Current eighth-grade students are encouraged to apply.

Selection and Notification Process
Applications will be available until the cohort limit is reached. Applications submitted after February 13, 2024, will be accepted and a decision will be made based on the availability of space. Once all slots are filled through a lottery system, additional applications will be placed on a waiting list. All incoming 9th-grade students who reside in Hempstead ISD for the 2024-2025 school year are eligible to apply.

STEP 1: Completed applications will be screened to ensure minimum expectations are met.
STEP 2: A public lottery will be conducted and students will be selected and notified.
STEP 3: Selected students are required to attend student/parent meetings to discuss student expectations, responsibilities, and commitments as a Hempstead Early College High School student.

Student Commitment and Parent Support
Students must exhibit an interest in the Hempstead Early College High School and must demonstrate a willingness to commit to the self-discipline required by a rigorous academic program. Parent/guardian participation in Hempstead Early College High School is critical for the success of your student. More information will be provided after the lottery selection. 

If you are unable to complete the electronic application, a paper application will be available for request at Hempstead Middle School and the Hempstead ISD Administration Building.