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Stopfinder ImageBus Route Information

Hempstead ISD uses Spotfinder! as our bus routing software. Bus routes and stop locations may be accessed through the use of the Spotfinder! tool. To use this tool parents/guardians must have an email address on file with the school district. If you do not have an email address on file, please contact your campus registrar. 

Estimated bus stop times are available through the Stopfinder! tool. During the first few days of school, it is recommended that students are ready at the bus stop approximately 10 minutes prior to the estimated stop time until regular route schedules are established. Please be aware that bus routes and schedules may be modified as the school year continues in order to best meet the needs of our students. 

With Stopfinder, you can know when your child’s bus arrives at school – in real time! 

With Stopfinder, you will:

     ► Know the schedule of your child’s bus

     ► Receive push notifications related to your child’s bus schedule and any changes

     ► Notice bus substitutions because they are clearly indicated – reducing misinformation and confusion

     ► Track multiple bus arrival times, a great feature if your children don’t ride the same bus

     ► Know exactly when your children arrive at school or at home

     ► Enjoy two-way communication with the transportation office

     ► Provide parents and caregivers with multilingual options in the app



Stopfinder FAQs

  • After your school district has set up the app and you confirm the registration email sent to you by your school district by clicking the link and following the instructions to become a subscriber of your school's Stopfinder system. Then, please use this video as a how-to-use Stopfinder Communication guide.


  • The Stopfinder app is available in the App Store or get it on Google Play.

  • Contact the Transportation Department.

  • Contact the Transportation Department. 

  • Student schedules are based on the day being viewed. If there is no school planned for the date being viewed, no schedule will appear. Swipe to the next school day to view your student’s schedule. If your student is not transported on the day or days being viewed, including regular school days, “No Schedule” will appear.

  • No. Please contact the Transportation Department to make all changes to your student’s pick-up/drop-off location. 

  • Tap the ellipses menu on the upper right-hand corner of the student card for the student you wish to share. Tap Share Schedule on the menu that opens at the bottom of the screen. Enter the required fields on the Share Schedule screen and tap Share.

  • No, only a student’s Primary Subscriber can share student schedules. Students only have one Primary Subscriber. Contact the Transportation Department with questions concerning your student’s Primary Subscriber.

  • Stopfinder subscriptions are for individual students. You will only see students your district has added to the Stopfinder app. Contact the Transportation Department with questions about specific students and their schedules.

  • Contact the district Transportation Department.

Download the Free App Today!*

The app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android-enabled device and is available at Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.


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