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Hempstead High School Welding Team Earns Blue Ribbon

Posted Date: 05/26/2023

HHS Ag Mechanincs


The Hempstead High School welding team recently brought home a blue ribbon, showcasing their exceptional skills and craftsmanship. The team's dedication and hard work have earned them this recognition.

Under the guidance of their teacher, Isaiah Madison, the Hempstead High School welding team has been honing their skills and perfecting their techniques for months. The ag mechanics students showed an 18’ bumper pull trailer at the Texas State University Ag Mechanics Show in San Marcos, Texas, and received a blue ribbon. The team includes Antonio Castonon, Juan Rosales, Jase Schwarze, and Cole-David Wood. 

This recognition highlights the opportunities afforded to high school students interested in welding. As the Hempstead High School welding team proudly displays its blue ribbon, they serve as an example of the school's commitment to fostering excellence and empowering students to pursue career exploration. Their exceptional skills, creativity, and teamwork have not only earned them a well-deserved honor, but a set of skills that can be used beyond high school.