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Hempstead ISD Announces New Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Posted Date: 05/23/2023

Emily V

Hempstead ISD welcomes Emily Vermeulen as the New Executive Director of Teaching and Learning. In her most recent role, she served as an Assistant Principal in Mesquite ISD.

Vermeulen brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to education that will benefit the students and staff in Hempstead ISD. Her career in education began as a math teacher for middle and high school students, where she discovered her passion for teaching and her drive to make a meaningful impact in students' lives. She then went on to serve as an Instructional Design Facilitator in Garland ISD, where she played a crucial role in supporting campuses in their school improvement efforts. Vermeulen worked collaboratively with principals and teachers to enhance teaching practices and create enriching learning experiences for students.

Recognizing her leadership potential, Vermeulen took on the role of assistant principal at O'Banion Middle School, where she utilized her teaching experience to connect with students and foster positive change within the school community. Her dedication to education and her ability to inspire others has been evident throughout her career.

Her passion for education continued to flourish when she became a registrar in Mesquite ISD. In this capacity, she worked closely with advanced academics, teaching and learning, and oversaw the master schedule to ensure that all students had equal access to post-high school opportunities. Her commitment to empowering students and ensuring that they are college and career ready will provide Hempstead ISD students with the tools they need to reach their full potential. 

As the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, she is eager to join Hempstead ISD and is excited about the opportunity to build positive relationships with students, families, and teachers.

“I firmly believe that every student deserves an education that empowers them to succeed, and I am dedicated to working collaboratively with the community to achieve this goal,” she said.

Hempstead ISD is confident that Vermeulen’s expertise, passion, and leadership will greatly contribute to the advancement of teaching and learning in our district. We look forward to the positive impact she will make and the growth opportunities she will create for our students and educators.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Emily Vermeulen as the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning in Hempstead ISD.