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Hempstead ISD Recognizes Attendance Awareness Month

Posted Date: 09/08/2022

Stay Connected and Keep Learning Attendance Awareness Campaign

September is National Attendance Awareness Month

Regular attendance is imperative for student success. When students attend school regularly they have an opportunity to flourish academically and gain social and emotional skills needed for life. 

Establishing a culture of attendance in early childhood years creates a framework for students. Showing up each day matters because it builds routines, increases engagement and supports academic growth and achievement. 

Research shows that chronic absenteeism can affect a student's academic performance starting as early as preschool and kindergarten—missing 10% of the academic year—can leave third graders unable to read proficiently, sixth graders struggling with coursework and high school students off track for graduation. 

What is Chronic Absenteeism?

Chronic Absenteeism is missing 10% of the number of days that a student is enrolled in school. Absences can add up quickly. A child is chronically absent if he or she misses just two days every month. Going to school regularly matters. The District does not want your child to fall behind in school and get discouraged. We encourage families to ensure that their children attend school every day and arrive on time.  

 How Can Families Support Regular Attendance?

  • Make school attendance a priority

  • Help your children maintain daily routines, such as keeping a regular bedtime and getting a good night’s sleep, finishing homework and having a morning routine

  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before

  • Talk about the importance of showing up to school every day and checking in on how school is going for them

  • Ensure your children go to school every day unless they are sick

  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session

  • Talk to teachers and counselors for advice if your children feel anxious about going to school

  • Develop backup plans for getting to school (family members, neighbors, etc.), if something comes up